Defending Truth in a Culture of Lies: Church in Pergamum

The series “Seven Letters to Seven churches” continues with the examining of Revelation 2:12-17.

One of the greatest spiritual tragedies in the church came in the year AD 313. The year before, two men and their armies fought for control of the Roman Empire. Maxentius and Constantine met for battle north of the city of Rome. Before battle, Constantine told God that he wins, he will become a Christian—not officially. He wins and he is converted. Christianity was now a legitimate religion. Persecution had ended. However, this was a disaster for the church. The persecuted church was the pure church. Persecution kept the Christians close to Christ.

Jesus calls the city of Pergamum the place “where Satan has his throne”. It was the place where the evil forces of the universe were mot powerful. The amazing thing is that in the place of Satan’s throne there was a church, a body of believers in Jesus Christ. However, it was not a persecuted church because Satan sought to corrupt the church from the inside.

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