My Statement of Faith

I believe in the Triune God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Our Creator is all-powerful, allknowing and present in the daily activities of the world. Since the beginning of time, God has worked for our good, showing us mercy, justice and love even when we did not deserve it. God calls us to be single-minded in the way we follow God’s will.

I believe that the Holy Scriptures, inspired by God, preserves, presents and inspires an ongoing conversation with and about God, into which we are all invited and where God is revealed to those who venture to hear and know the Lord God Almighty. Our response to the Word of God, leads us to respond in faith to the will of God.

Through the incarnation of God through the person of Jesus, we come to know the true character of our Creator. The main purpose of Jesus’ ministry was to usher in a new era that would culminate in the true shalom of God. In this Kingdom of God, human beings would live guided by the character of Jesus, not being exactly like him but to continue in our time as Jesus did in his time. Jesus is our shepherd, teacher, mentor and redeemer. Through the blood of Jesus, we have found redemption and the forgiveness of sin. I believe that Jesus is the way out of the darkness, the truth in terms of life and love and the life abundant now and forever.

I believe the Holy Spirit dwells in and around us to empower and lead us into a full relationship with our Creator through Jesus the Christ. The Holy Spirit empowers us in the praise and worship of our Lord and Savior, to heal the sick, teach and preach the Good News of the Gospel, encourage the repentance of sin, and to inspire disciples to leave their comfort zones and to do what we consider impossible, possible.

I believe the Church of Jesus Christ is a “Spirit-led” community of believers, available to all people, united in one body, through the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. The Church is a place of hospitality, acceptance, empowerment and encouragement. It is a beloved community of believers designed to equip us for mission & ministry.

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